This reader contains the necessary technical minimum, enabling the realization and performance of the concert at the appropriate artistic and technical level. All other modification sand performances in other stage and equipment configurations than the specified in reader must be accepted by the concert agent. The final specification must be agreed and approved not later than 14 days before the concert. This reader is an attachment to the contract.


The stage should be made of good quality, stable and leveled platforms. Roofed and stable.

  • Scene with minimum dimensions: 6 x 4 x 0.5m (W x D x H) \ optional \
  • Equipped with stairs allowing for a trouble-free and safe entrance to the stage.
  • In outdoor concerts, due to weather conditions, it is required to cover (protect) the stage, including its back and sides against possible wind and rain.


  • 1 KICK : BETA 52,BETA 91
  • 2 SNARE : SM 57,BETA 57
  • 3 HH : C-391,E 614
  • T1 : SENNHEISER E604/E904 ,SHURE BETA 56
  • OV : C-391
  • OV : C-391
  • BASS : DI
  • GIT 1 : SM 57
  • ACC GIT : DI
  • KEY L : DI
  • KEY R : DI


Applies to concerts in the evening. Minimum or similar combination:

  • Martin MAC 700 Profiles x 4
  • Robe Robin LED Wash 600 x 4
  • LED PAR RGBW x 4

Please understand the above issues and not persuade us to make concessions. We know and understand the reality of event production, but to provide the audience with the highest level of performance and sound experience, we need the right tools.


The sound system should be adjusted accordingly to the place of the Concert. The apparatus must be absolutely grounded, free from noise and hum, fully activated and checked before the test. The presence of the main acoustics familiar with well-installed equipment is mandatory.


    • Mixer: good class with min. 16 channels + parametric minimum color correction: REVERB vocal and TAB DELAY vocal Channel 1: Madlen Laptop connection line – minimum stereo jack input
    • Microphones: free from clutter and noise and good quality, Wired – preferred Shure SM58 or similar class (cables at a minimum of 1.5 m) Or Wireless – preferred Shure SM58 ULX or similar class, with charged batteries
    • Main sound system: set or hung on the left and right side of the stage so that the sound is heard well for all listeners
    • Listening: a minimum of 3 listening monitors is required on the stage, set on the front side of the stage (left side – right side)
    • 2x jack input for acoustic guitar
    • 2 separate power sources for guitar amplifiers
    • Podium for drums and keyboards, size 3x2x0.5m
    • Backgroundriser 4x1m0.2m

Changing room

It should be possible to close/lock the changing room. It should not be shared with other people. We ask you to respect the privacy of the artist and to leave the room for her use only. It should have and easy and solid exit/entrance towards the stage and toilet. Please keep in mind that there should be heating included. We would like to ask to book a parking space for the car right in front of the building where this concert will take place.
Changing room should have:

  • 7 chairs
  • Table
  • Access to electricity
  • Drinks: 5 x 0,5l still water and sparkling water
  • coffee, tea and snacks at the discretion of the organizer

Download the technical rider in the PDF format

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