The unique Madlen, her latest hits “Surface”, “At once” and covers of well-known artists such as Adele, Beata Kozidrak, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Margaret, and many, many more. A show full of lights and instruments that create an amazing atmosphere to guarantee great fun.


Own compositions and covers of world-renowned artists in an acoustic version. Romantic, romantic, subtle …
This concert will give you a event an intimate atmosphere.


Intimate, atmospheric.. The most beautiful Polish carols and pastorals performed by Madlen. Concert entitled “Christmas in Us” during which Madlen will introduce you to the magic of Christmas



Musical live show. Madlen together with the band will provide guests with an unforgettable spectacle. Among the hits “Simpy the best”, “What will you give me,” “Shallow” and many others, which we often return with memories.

Duration of the concert – to be determined.


Energy, spontaneity and sincerity accompanying Madlen’s performances make every concert of the singer an unforgettable experience, to which the viewers return many times – not only in memory, but also literally, buying a ticket for the next performance of the Artist. This concert is individually adapted depending on the ceremony and the place.


Unforgettable emotions during special wedding ceremonies. Especially for the young couple and gathered guests, Madlen accompanied by Łukasz Flakus with the piano performed by “Halleluja” and other songs adapted to the ceremony.

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